Anima gm application

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Anima gm application

Post  Anima on Sun Nov 30, 2008 2:40 am

hello im alexander/Anima

1. Whats is your real Name and ign?
well my name is alex but my ign will be Anima
2. How long have you been playing maplestory?
2 years
3. Rate out of 10 how much you like Mapleforever?
honestly i cant say i havent played it yet
4. Would you help out with the server?
yes id work hard to make sure its nice to all people and for people who like abusing others i will not tollerate
5. Tell me a little about yourself
well im an average computer geek but i play with my cat and my favorite game is MHF2 and i want to be a chef
6. Have you ever owned or became an admin in a server?
yes in meepstory i was gm i held all the events i was fair about prizes and i was careful to what i gave
7. Would you respect all rules?
honestly not all rules all the time every1 needs there own time to goof
8. Why do you want to become a Admin?
so i can help out new people
9. How much time do you stay on the PC in a week?
im usually on when im not at school or making dinner
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